Pin Grading

Standard Grade (A-Grade)

Standard grade pins are the default option when purchasing pins! They are the best quality that I’m able to offer!
You might see very small imperfections such as:

 slight variable textures
 small bumps on the back of the pin
 small scratches / scuffs on metal / enamel
 slight irregularities on line weight distribution

I cannot guarantee collector grade (flawless perfection)!!!

Seconds Grade (B-Grade)

Seconds have more noticeable flaws and are sold occasionally in the shop, always at a discounted price, and at conventions.
Imperfections may include:

 missing enamel
 underfill in large areas
 color discoloration / mismatching colors
 more than one pore or bubble on the front of the pin

Please keep this all in mind when ordering pins.
Each pin is inspected upon arrival as well as prior to shipping out to customers.